THE DIVISIBLE - An Original Soundtrack

Happy to announce that SoundWave Studios will be releasing the Soundtrack for THE DIVISIBLE very soon!

Directed and Written by Marcus T. Thomas and Nicole Starrett, THE DIVISIBLE is a Short Fim about an interracial couple who fight against all odds to protect their son in a new dystopian nation divided by race.

As a newly elected Commander-in-Chief steps into office things shortly begin to spiral out of control. He wages a policy war against many of the rights & freedoms that have protected the marginalised, disadvantaged and working-class citizens of this United States. His flippant decisions and social commentary negatively impact foreign relations. All of this causes a bubble of fear, and hatred toward our fellow man that many thought was long behind them.


The Soundtrack will feature parts of the original score used in the film, as well as feature extended versions of some of the main themes. Prior to it's release there will be three single releases from the Soundtrack Album, this will include "Thomas & Esme's Theme," "The Last Dance," and "United We Stand, Divided We Fall." The Soundtrack will be avaliable to stream, download, and purchase on all major platforms worldwide.


Music Composed By: Jon Altham

River Deep (Feat. Dayna Vodovoz)

Escape & Evasion

The Burial

Into The Night

In This World (Feat. Marcus T. Thomas)

The Vote Is In

President Strom

Leaving Home


Thomas & Esme's Theme

Seeking Refuge

Border Crossing

Lethal Injection

Beach Suite

The Last Dance

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Our Time Is Now