SoundWave Studios & Gloverzone DL Pictures Sign Major Production Deal

SoundWave Studios and Gloverzone DL Pictures have signed a major production deal.

Gloverzone DL Pictures are an American Production Company co-funded by Ian C. Glover and Saskia Van Buren, ranked in the top 100 companies in the world on IMDbPRO. Their portfolio consists of over 40 upcoming Motion Pictures and Television projects, which are due to start production in early 2020.

To date, their portfolio has received multiple international film awards and nominations. Gloverzone DL Pictures will be supported by SoundWave Studios, who will be overseeing all aspects of music production for their portfolio. This includes Original Soundtrack Composition, Music Supervision, Music Publishing and International Soundtrack Distribution.

Upcoming Titles include the Action/Thriller "Below Ground Zero," Sci-Fi "Seven Minutes," Action "Unfinished Mission 2.0," and Thriller "Dark Spy." The Gloverzone DL Pictures catalogue is diverse, covering multiple film genres and introduces new concepts into the TV and Film Industry.

Below Ground Zero ($75M - Action/Thriller): On September 11, 2001. $700 Million in gold was found missing under the Twin Towers. Private Eye Jack McQueen is hired to find out what happened to the gold, leading him to a very dangerous conspiracy that could cost him his life.

Seven Minutes ($53.5M - Sci-Fi): Emma is a scientist who with her colleagues have been testing a machine called "Somnus" and a program Emma wrote called "H.A.R.I"(Hologramatic Active Recollection Interface). The programme connects with the brain so they can see how the mind and body work together, but the machine will not connect with the test subject. On her way to work one day Emma gets in an accident, her colleagues rush her to the "Somnus" and connect her, they know the brain will only live for 7 minutes. The machine accepts the connection with Emma's brain and we watch her relive her memories with the help of "H.A.R.I." Then, someone introduces a virus into the program, as the plot starts to thicken things go begin to spiral out of control

Unfinished Mission 2.0 ($45M - Action): After an agent is gravely wounded, their personality is accidentally linked to an android. In the race against time, the android must finish the mission to stop a power-hungry media mogul.

Dark Spy ($TBC -Thriller): A former CIA agent turned diabolical serial killer stirs the attention of the FBI and lures a young agent into his death trap of an amusement park, and onto the most murderous roller coaster the world has ever known..