SoundWave Studios & Ascendent Studios Sign Major Production Deal

SoundWave Studios and Ascendent Studios sign major production deal.

With an estimated portfolio worth of over $1BN, Ascendent Studios is set to become a major player in the tv and film industry, with their portfolio already receiving over 40 international film awards. Ascendent Studios are being supported by SoundWave Studios, who will be overseeing all aspects of music production. This includes Original Soundtrack Production, Music Licensing, Music Clearance, and Worldwide Soundtrack Distribution.

Based in USA, Kevin Kellum (CEO of Ascendent Studios) has announced that they are committed to producing motion pictures which help provide opportunities for both established and emerging talent around the world, as well as highlighting important issues on-screen that often go unheard.

This year will also see the release of the highly anticipated crime/drama franchise "VICE SQUAD." It will extend over 10 states in USA, as well as venture overseas to both the United Kingdom and Australia. The Franchise also features a crew of academy award-winning directors, best-selling authors and cinematographers from major productions such as: Narcos, Lord of The Rings, Chicago Fire, and Magnum P.I.

Much like Ascendent Studios, SoundWave Studios is passionate about supporting emerging talent. They have announced that they will be extending sync opportunities to emerging and unsigned talent, for a chance to get their music placed in upcoming tv and film productions.

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