Officially Launched!

SoundWave Studios is finally here!



SoundWave Studios is a music production company which oversees the music production and administrative support for Independent and Major Motion Pictures.
Our catalog of music includes a variety of genres, from high-octane action scores to ambient backdrops.
The SoundWave Studios vision is to not only provide high quality music to clients, but to also provide opportunities for emerging musicians within the music industry.
The logo for SoundWave Studios incorporates our vision.  A circle has no end, it is continuous, much like the ethos that we are creating. Composing music which will keep audiences entertained for many years to come.  At SoundWave Studios, we value the importance of creating long-term relationships with our clients, to provide high quality music for their TV and Film portfolios.
For emerging musicians, we have created a platform specifically for you, to provide you with opportunities in the TV and Film industry.  The SoundWave Studios Community (Click here to join) is a place where musicians from around the world can come together to develop their own skills further as well as submit their own music for TV and Film placement opportunities.
With advances in technology within TV and Film, SoundWave Studios is committed to developing its music portfolio to adapt to the emerging trends within the TV and Film Industry.
"Music and Film in their own right are beautiful expressions of creativity, however, when they come together it creates something truly wonderful. "

That is what we aim to create.