JUST 13 (2019)

SoundWave Studios will be overseeing the music production for the upcoming motion picture "JUST 13."

Directed by Ashish Wagh, JUST 13 is a thriller about a man called Abdul who is fighting for a better life - determined to pay the increasing medical bills to support his daughter with her life-threatening illness. After a distressing phone call he learns that his daughter's health is rapidly declining being told that she only has seven days left to undergo urgent treatment.

Abdul is approached by a group of men instructing him to kidnap a girl, Rachel, for 24 hours. He refuses and they start to entice him with an offer of helping his daughter.

Reluctantly Abdul agrees to their demands, completely unaware of whom Rachel's father is and the consequence of his actions.

After taking Rachel to a secluded cottage, Abdul goes searching for answers. He discovers a memory stick hidden in Rachel's bag and quickly realises he is in way too deep.

With a twist that will have audiences on the edge of their seat, JUST 13 is a must-see Thriller this year.

Composer(s): Jon Altham & Niris

Music Supervisor: Jon Altham

Music Production Company: SoundWave Studios