Jon Altham is an Award-Winning Film Composer, Music Supervisor and the Founder of SoundWave Studios; overseeing all aspects of music production and administrative support for both independent and major motion pictures within the portfolio. 

As well as his role within the management of SoundWave Studios, Jon continues to compose music for TV and Film. As a Composer, he has won multiple film and music awards, including Best Original Score, Best Soundtrack, Best Song, Best Main Theme, as well as receiving International Honours for Outstanding Musical Achievement (GMAs).

Jon has always had a passion for music, starting his journey by first learning the Drums. Over his teenage years he began learning more instruments, such as the Saxophone, Guitar and Piano. In 2018, Jon graduated from University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physiotherapy. Throughout his time at University he continued to develop his own sonic signature, scoring feature films as well as becoming the Artist Manager for Award-Winning Instrumentalists.

To date, Jon's career within the industry has been colourful and diverse allowing him to develop excellent oversight over the many disciplines it encompasses. In 2019, he signed a deal with the Musician's Union, a globally-respected organisation which represents musicians working in all areas of music business. As a result, Jon aligned his interest of supporting the careers of musicians alongside one of the leading music industry bodies in Europe, with the aim of providing the highest standard of music towards the clients that SoundWave Studios works with.


"Music and Film in their own right are beautiful expressions of creativity.  When they come together it creates something truly wonderful.  That's what we aim to create."


Founder & CEO