Born Richard James Carter near London, UK in July 1991, Richi's first school was Scaitcliffe School in Surrey, where Hollywood Film Composer Harry Gregson-Williams was also a teacher at the time. Richi began playing the Guitar aged 10, going on to achieve Grade 8 in both Electric and Bass Guitar, as well as becoming a competent Pianist and Drummer. After studying Music and Music Technology at College, he went on to complete a Music Degree (BMus) at the University of Huddersfield; specialising in Film Music, Sound Design, and Music & The Moving Image.

Following his graduation from University, Richi joined the British Army as an Officer, enjoying a successful career in the Royal Tank Regiment as a Challenger 2 Tank Commander. It was following this that he began work as a Freelance Music Composer, writing and producing music for a number of different clients and projects around the world, including TV Commercials for MI5, MI6, Sainsburys and Nickelodeon, amongst others.

Like many Film Composers, Richi composes in a number of different styles and genres, depending on the client's requirements. However, people would usually class him as an "Epic Music" Composer, in other words, music that stimulates various emotions, and is usually heroic or moving in its nature. He has also stated a number of eclectic influences for his music. As a Guitarist, he draws a lot of inspiration from rock bands such as Queen and Guns N' Roses,  as well as a lot of newer metal bands; although he has stated that much of his orchestral works also reflect heavy influence from composers such as Thomas Bergersen, Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, and Brian Tyler. He recently revealed that the odd spelling of his nickname "Richi", was inspired at a young age by the guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

Richi now bases much of his work out of London, UK, and continues to compose music for Feature Films and TV, as well as variety of other projects. In 2018, Richi signed with SoundWave Studios, a Film Music Production Company as an Executive Film Composer and VP of Music, and is due to work on a number of large-budget projects over the next 24 months, such as Vice Squad Franchise. He also produces music as a Solo Artist, and released his debut album "Invicta" in December 2019.