Finlay White is a Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Orchestrator. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Finlay took a keen interest from music at an early age by taking up the guitar. Throughout his early life, Finlay specialised in Gypsy Jazz Guitar whilst also training as a Classical Singer, both of which he achieved Grade 8 in, along with Bass Guitar.

Following his school years, Finlay moved to Bristol and completed a BA in Music, studying under composers John Pickard and Louis Johnson. Throughout his time as an undergraduate, Finlay developed a keen musicological mind and began to specialise in composition, which culminated in his first major Orchestral work "The Cloud Atlas" for London Symphony Orchestra.

This led to Finlay being offered a place on the prestigious MA in Composition of Music for Film and Television at the University of Bristol. It was here that Finlay thrived and truly began to understand his passion for Film Music; training in Film Music theory and Advanced Orchestration under esteemed composers Martin Kiszko, William Goodchild and Richard Blackford.

Over the past year and a half, Finlay has composed music for numerous short films and documentaries and has developed a musical style that is heavily rooted in conceptual thinking and cutting to the emotional core of a film whilst creating unique soundscapes.