SoundWave Studios

About Us

We believe there is more to film music. 

We support you through it's entire life cycle.

We are focused on accelerating creative potential by supporting our film partners grow globally and deepening connections with audiences around the world.​

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Our Story


Founded by Jon Altham in 2018, SoundWave Studios (SWS) was formed under the vision of accelerating the creative potential of Production Companies.  SWS provides a one-stop music solution for Production Companies throughout it's entire life cycle, without sacrificing fair working rights and standards for the Music Industry Professionals it works with.

To date, SWS has grown to include a Multi-Award Winning Record Label and Publishing Division, and is trusted to oversee all aspects of music for over 100 TV and Film Productions.

SWS has a proven track record of accelerating countless productions and is positioned as an emerging leader within Film Music.

Jon Altham

Founder & Managing Director


What We Do

Our 7 Stage Process

We have a versatile, accomplished and experienced music team to support you throughout the entire music production process.

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Music Department

You'll receive support from an experienced music executive who will work with you prior to Post-Production to develop a creative strategy to support your short-term and long term goals in order to get the best for your production.

They will support you by overseeing all aspects of the Film Music process from budgetting to soundtrack release,  providing a streamlined approach which is efficient and cost effective.

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Bespoke Score

We work with an array of talented Composers to provide you with a bespoke score that is engages, supports and develops the narrative of your production.

We have Composers based in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Spain, and Italy.

If you already have a Composer in mind, we will work with their agents to bring them onto our team and support them through the entire process.

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Music Supervision

We understand that one of the most time-consuming, challenging and risky parts of the film music process is Music Clearance and Licensing.  We have a team of Music Supervisors who will support you throughout all aspects of music supervision, including specialist areas such as Union Clearance.

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World Class
Mixing & Mastering

We work with World Class Mixing and Mastering Engineers to provide productions with the highest standard of music delivery.

Our most recent projects include collaborations with:

Jorge Vivo, at Platinum Sounds

GRAMMY and Emmy Nominated Mixing Engineer

(Credits: David Foster, Andrea Bocelli, Whitney Houston)

Worked with us on "Brave"

Jake Jackson, at Air Studios

Multi-Award Winning Mixing Engineer

(Credits: The Pact - TV Series, Cinderella, Black Mirror, Doctor Who)

Worked with us on "Eyes Wide Open"

Simon Gibson, at Abbey Road Studios

GRAMMY Winning and 2 x Nominated Mastering Engineer

(Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, The Beatles, Puccini)

Worked with us on "Brave"

Alex Wharton, at Abbey Road Studios

Multi-Award Winning Mastering Engineer

(Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, The Beatles, Puccini)

Worked with us on "Eyes Wide Open"

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Music Distribution
& Publishing

SoundWave Studios (SWS) Records, is our Multi Award Winning Record Label.  It is responsible for the Worldwide Distribution of the Musical Works.  The Soundtrack and/or Score Album is distributed in line with the Premiere of your Production, and made avaliable for purchase, streaming and download on all major music platforms worldwide.

SoundWave Studios (SWS) Publishing, is our Multi Award Winning Music Publisher.  It is responsible for the Worldwide Exploitation of the Musical Works and Royalty Payments to all Rights Holders.  We also report directly to the Performing Rights Organisations and handle all the music Cue Sheets for you to ensure Rights Holders are correctly paid.

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Music PR &
IP Management

We also work with Industry Leading PR companies to provide strategic oversight on how to best position and market new musical assets in line with the Production's Premiere, with the aim of increasing audience engagement throughout multiple markets.  This can involve:

- Film Festival PR for Awards Consideration

- Interviews and Write-Ups

- Score & Soundtrack Album Reviews

- And More

We then manage the musical assets to ensure it continues to grow by deepening connections with audiences around the world.

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